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(Individual Counseling) 

Can I refer my loved ones to your practice?

Depending on the nature of the relationship, I will provide a recommendation most appropriate for both you and your loved one. If you are participating in individual therapy and would like your partner to attend a session, this may be accommodated depending on the goals we establish together. However, if your partner is seeking their own individual therapy, or you are interested in couple's therapy, I will provide a referral to ensure appropriate boundaries and confidentiality is being respected.

(Individual Counseling) 

Do you accept insurance or offer sliding scale rates?

I am in network with Humana and accept several EAP plans. I am an out-of-network provider with most other insurers. I can provide documentation for your insurer to reimburse you for the cost of our sessions. Check with your insurer for requirements. I also offer a variety of payment options to accommodate individual financial needs. 

(Individual Counseling) 

 How long does each therapy session take?

A typical therapy session lasts an hour. However, some trauma processing sessions may be longer depending on the target being addressed, the client's response, and goals of the session. The client's safety is the number one priority.

(Individual Counseling) 

What is EMDR like?

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) has 8 phases. During the first 3 phases we will develop a plan for treatment and prepare your body for the intensity of trauma processing in phases 4-7. During phases 8, we evaluate progress made and collaborate on the goals of future sessions. During phases 4-7, you may experience intense feelings, emotions, and gain new insights. Your body may react physically as it is changing and healing from your past. I will be with you every step of the way guiding you and helping you stick with it despite the discomfort you may feel.

(Individual Counseling) 

Are there other resources for substance use and addiction you will recommend?

Depending on the severity of your symptoms, I may recommend a different level of care. If you have stability and are able to address current problems in outpatient therapy, I may recommend various community-based programs, that could supplement your recovery. Recovering from addiction is a lifelong journey and not all methods work for everyone. I will help you explore options and develop a personal program you can commit to long term.


Do you spend time at the facility?

Depending on the needs of the facility, I can be on-site for meetings, trainings, clinical supervision, or office hours. The details of our contract will be discussed before the start of the job and can be amended as the needs of the organization changes.

(Group Facilitation)

Do you have supplies, or are we responsible for purchasing what you need for group facilitation?

In most cases, I will have all of the supplies needed to lead high-quality arts, yoga, and wellness programs. In certain circumstances or for special events, certain supplies may be requested to enhance the quality and execution of the group. Program content is collaborative and will include your staff to determine what is wanted.

(Contracted Therapy)

What kind of office or setting is required to conduct an EMDR session?

To be most effective. a quiet space is needed with a comfortable chair for the client to relax in while engaging in the session. I will provide EMDR equipment, signage, essential oils (if needed), and sound machine (if needed).

(Group Outings)

Will we have to escort the clients to a distant location or at a difficult time? 

I plan outings that are typically within a 15 minute drive from the facility. I also work with technical staff to accommodate important scheduled events. I am here to serve you and will abide by the existing group schedule as much as possible.