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Length and format of sessions:

Coaching sessions are a standard 55 minutes in length. A coaching session typically begins with a "check-in" regarding previously set goals which ensures accountability. After, the client and coach review progress and discuss future goal setting. Clients often leave sessions with "homework" which is vital to the change process.




Coaching may be offered in office or virtually. If engaged in virtual coaching, the client will be guided through the setup of an acceptable virtual platform. The use of technology will be discussed at length to ensure privacy and effectiveness.


Other services:


Coaching requires a formation of trust and a keen sense of client wellness to determine if other services are needed.  Coaching is not a substitute for therapy. Coaching services should be cleared by a client's physician or mental health provider if the client is being regularly seen. If not and these services are recommended, as a coach I will assist you in locating appropriate local resources. Clients are required to provide the contact information for local emergency services, hospitals, and treatment centers before the onset of coaching services. 


Coaching is subject to my regular hourly rate of $185. Coaching packages can be purchased at a reduced rate, but must be discussed prior to the onset of services. Once the package is complete, the client can elect to purchase individual sessions or subscribe to an additional package. Options for purchasing will be discussed prior to the first session. 

Issues addressed:

In my coaching, I specialize in relationships, addiction recovery, and long term mental health stability. Other issues may be identified and included in a plan tailored specifically to the client's needs. Ongoing evaluation and collaboration are always a part of the coaching relationship. 

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